Improv Rules for Storytelling – CMWorld 2017

Links for Content Marketing World 2017 presentation:

Why Van Damme’s ‘Epic Split’ Was the Perfect Storm for One NYC Creative Director

Meaning > messaging.  Don’t change how people talk; change how they think

Improv rule #1:  Support your partner

Documentary:  Phone company in a box

Improv rule #2:  There is order in chaos

RT @BrianCurtisNBC5: Convoy of @HEB disaster relief trucks staged near Goliad, TX today. #Harvey

For juxtaposition exercise for inspiring creativity, try

Juxtaposition: How Circuses and Bacon Can Boost Your Creative via @CMIContent  @MarciaRJohnston   #cmworld

Improv rule #4:  There are no mistakes, only gifts

Haunted Stanley Hotel: The Ghost Behind Stephen King’s The Shining, Room 217

Improv rule #5:  “Follow the Fear” – Del Close

Mainframe: The Art of the Sale, Lesson One

Filibuster Cablevision iO TV commercial

More nonsense:

Mockumentary:  Mystery Solved: The Rescue of Helen of Troy

Movie Trailer:  Improv with the CIO

The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day… from Cisco