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Mitch Joel: Humanizing the Brand

Mitch Joel: Humanizing the Brand

What makes an interview interesting is when the guest feels comfortable enough to let his guard down and be vulnerable.  Mitch Joel has a special gift for enabling this moments.  On his podcast Six Pixels of Separation, we set out to talk about how big brands can use storytelling and humor to humanize, and found ourselves in a much deeper discussion about surviving failure.

I shared a bit about my work on IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign and at Cisco, and also explored the challenges faced by a creative person working as a full time employee at a large corporation.

Listen to the podcast on this link or in iTunes, SPOS #396

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I’ve been working with my buddies Adam and George producing media for our “building a smarter planet” blog.  I’ll be re-posting some here…. starting with an inspiration from James Governor’s thoughts: IBM Joins Obama’s Coalition for a Smart Planet: Change!

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