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B2B Comedy Classics

The age of the curator seems like the perfect time to assemble a collection about something, so I put together a list of the Top 10 B2B Comedy Videos for a guest post for the Social Media B2B blog.  Above is a bonus video for Valentine’s Day.  Thanks to Jeff Cohen for the opportunity, and for his virtual tour of North Carolina wine.  His Biltmore photos compelled me to plan a return trip to my favorite vineyard in the Smokies.

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  • Susan Fiechtner on Jul 11, 2011 Reply

    Tim, I am just now looking up all of your accommplishments….this is unreal!
    Please call me. I would love to have you speak in my classes this fall…. (What??? you went to grad school at tu? Are you kidding??)
    Susan Fiechtner

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