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Sabermetrics: There’s no crying in baseball

My most interesting connection to baseball is that my father is the Presbyterian minister who officiated at Roger Clemens’ wedding.  Also, one of the kids attending dad’s first church in Alvin, TX grew up to be the wife of Nolan Ryan.  Unfortunately, neither of these connections resulted in free game tickets.

Moving on…  in our new video podcast “The Future of Baseball” I learned about sabermetrics from Tom Davenport,  one of my former b-school professors.  I owe Tom a huge debt of gratitude, and I think maybe still a term paper.  It was fun to catch up with him after 10 years and reminisce about his IT class.  But he refused to change my grade.

In the podcast, IBM’s Bill Pulleyblank talks about how companies can apply the science of sabermetrics to manage risk.  Hmm, we should have published this before October.  A fun fact about Bill — he had an acting role in the movie Silver Streak, with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor.  True.

For more, check out Tom’s book, Competing on Analytics and his blog.

There's no crying in baseball.


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