Tim Washer. Keynote Speaker + Event Emcee


The New York Times:  Cisco pitches $250,000 router as last-minute valentines gift 

It’s tough to add mainstream appeal to a router usually tucked away in the dark realms of data centers, but Cisco has made a noble effort. [watch video]

The Guardian:  John Oliver’s viral video: the Best Climate Debate You’ll Ever See

They said in 4 minutes something I’ve been saying for 10 years with like tens or hundreds of thousands of words [watch video]

CIO Magazine:  Chief Improv Officer

“Should CIOs turn to improv to rethink their business?  It’s about time.” [watch video]

FastCompany:  7 Rules of Viral Videos

 How Cisco’s Tim Washer is lightening things up by making a joke out of the conventional approach to marketing.

Adweek:  Imbecile Husbands Hit on Zeta-Jones

I laugh at the T-Mobile spot above every time I hear the guy tell Catherine Zeta-Jones, “I like it when you say things.”  [watch ad]

San Francisco Chronicle:  What are they drinking in Armonk?

The tone of the spoof training video is in keeping with the kinder, humbler image IBM now seeks to project.  [watch video

CBS News:  Essential Videos: The Art of the Sale 

If you’ve ever sold for a living, especially if it was in high tech sales, these videos are a ROFLMAO experience. [watch video

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