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Super Bowl Commercial: Off The Press

In honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl, here’s a repost of a Dunkin Donut commercial I was in with Matt Oberg (Onion SportsDome, 30 Rock)

Off The Press

Director Harry Cocciolo was able to fit a :20 script into a :07 scene.  Even under that duress, there was no lip-synching.   It ran during Super Bowl XLV in limited markets.  Advertising agency: Hill Holliday.  Click on the photo to view the ad, or click here.

8 Seconds

I was cut short of my 15 minutes of fame. A few shots we filmed that didn’t make it into the final edit of this spot included my character yelling “HEY” then running along the printing press, and Matt’s character in safety glasses and ear muffs, speaking at the crawling dude-cadence.  The ad ran during the Super Bowl in the Boston market.


Click image to view the spot.