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Pershing Square Cafe

One of my first post-college roommates Bruse Loyd texted asking if I wanted to meet for lunch while he was in NYC this week. After some internal debate, I accepted hoping to finally get reimbursed for the October 1994 cable bill. No such luck, but at least I enjoyed the visit with Nick and Reese, who took me to Pershing Square Cafe located directly across 42nd St from Grand Central Station.

Pershing Square Cafe

My first job out of college was in sales with Xerox Corporation.  I’m pretty sure having that much fun on a job is not allowed anymore.  The job introduced me to corporate comedy as I used to write sketches and emcee the sales conferences.   Sales is an outstanding place to start a career as it forces you to learn the art of communication and negotiation quickly.

Pershing Square, NYC

After each copier sale, we were required to spend two hours training the customer on how to use the equipment.  Here’s a clip of my buddy Bruse :

And approximately 80% of our sales leads came from this commercial:

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  • Xerox 914 on Aug 08, 2011 Reply


    easy on the knob please.

  • Dean McCarley on Aug 06, 2011 Reply

    Nice piece Tim…Bruse mastered the art of selling around his soap opera’s!!!

  • Bruse Loyd on Aug 06, 2011 Reply

    Dat’s rich! Thanks for the shoutout to Reese and Nick!

    Bruse Loyd
    President Emeritus (?)
    San Felipe Boys’ Club

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