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Mays Business: “Funny Man”


After seeing my humiliating failures in bold print on the pages of the press — bombing on stage at StandUp New York comedy club, I’ve decided I will never again grant this type of unfettered  access to any reporter from The Rolling Stone or my alumni magazine.

Chrystal Houston’s interview took me on a journey, mostly fun, back to the epiphany when I realized I had an obligation to get over my fear and pursue comedy, to the terrifying first UCB improv class at Solo Arts theater,  to the failures at the early attempts on stage and finally on to some fun.

Read the article here.

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  • Peter on Sep 30, 2010 Reply

    Hey Tim,

    That’s a great article.

    I also really like this:

    A Collection of Nonsense
    Curator: Tim Washer

    Good stuff. Keep it up.



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